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Studio 8 Books & Media

  • Dreamweaver 4 Magic - Al Sparber, Craig Foster, Murray Summers, and Linda Rathgeber
  • Playing with Fire: Tapping the Power of Fireworks 4 - Linda Rathgeber and David C. Nicholls
  • Dreamweaver MX Templates - Brad Halstead and Murray Summers
  • Dreamweaver 8: Training From the Source - Khristine Annwn Page
  • Studio 8: Training From the Source - Shaowen Bardzell, Jeffrey Bardzell, and Bob Flynn

Studio 8 Extensions

Just my two cents, but Project VII is the place to go if you want the very best extensions. Not only will you find cutting-edge web designs, but you will also learn the latest css techniques and workarounds. Period.